The Best Tools for Internet Marketing

There are the tools that I am currently using on a daily basis. I will NEVER advertise anything that I don’t think is amazing and won’t help you with your internet business.

You can see a quick description with a link below. Stay tuned for video reviews in the near future!


Web Hosting:


All of my sites are using Cloudways. You can setup a VPS with a WordPress install with one click. They worry about managing everything and are able to keep it super affordable, as they use cloud services like Digital Ocean. I can highly recommend them as an affordable, reliable hosting solution.

Keyword Research:

Keyword Researcher Pro

This is my favorite tool for keyword research and article creation. It’s a very powerful tool that many aren’t aware of yet.

Market Samurai

I use Market Samurai for several things, like checking the competition of keywords.

Campaign/Keyword Tracking:

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a MUST for serious SEO. It comes with 4 powerful tools that I use on a daily basis. It will put you ahead of the competition.

Social Media / Brand Management:


BuzzBundle is the best way to promote your brand, drive traffic?and power up your SEO campaign with social media



Convertkit is the new “hotness” for sending your email campaigns. The features that they have available are unmatched!


When using tools like SEO PowerSute and Keyword Research Pro, it’s best to have proxies to go along with these. While proxies aren’t required, they allow you to do your needed research much faster. This is because if you hit sites like rapidly, they’ll think you’re a machine and put a temporary block on your IP address. With proxies, the software will automatically cycle through your different IP addresses.


Genesis Framework

This framework is the best theme for WordPress that I have found. It’s lightweight and incredibly customizable. Best of all, you purchase it once and you can use it on unlimited sites, so I use it?on the vast majority of my sites.

Stephen O’Neal