What is Digital Marketing?

what is digital marketing

So you had someone come up to from one of the digital marketing companies. They asked you “Do you have someone doing your digital marketing?” You?stare at them for a few seconds before saying “yes” just to get them to leave, but you really have no idea what it is.

So, lets go over what digital marketing is, and why you should be using it!

First and most importantly, what the heck is this foreign word? Well,?Digital Marketing is the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities to generate sales and/or capture customers that are searching on the internet for answers.

Translation: It helps you get found online.

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What Are Long Tail Keywords and Why Should You Use Them?

what are long tail keywords and why should you use them

Getting a page ranked on page one of Google is usually easier said than done. It’s especially difficult if you use shorter keywords. You have a better chance (in most cases) of ranking for what’s called “long-tail” keywords.

Long Tail Keywords?is a?keyword phrase?(or search term) that has at least three or more?words in the phrase.

The longer (and more specific) search terms are, the easier it will be to rank on that term. Keywords that are more specific (and often longer) are usually referred to as long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are more specific and less common.

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Keyword Researcher Pro Walkthrough – A Great SEO Tool

keyword research pro screenshot

There?s a keyword tool that I?ve been using every day in my SEO work recently, and that tool is called Keyword Researcher Pro. I truly believe it’s one of the best seo tools out there.

Up till recently, I was using tools like Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro, but they both fell short in more ways than one and it wasn?t exactly what I needed. I still use Market Samurai to research the competitiveness of a keyword, but I found it to be painfully slow when researching the keywords itself.

Now, Keyword Researcher Pro?isn?t a well-known tool (yet) and is actually something that I found perusing clickbank when researching different things for new niches, but I clicked through to their website and instantly fell in love with it.

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