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Social Media Checklist

social media checklist

If you’re managing any social media pages, there are several things that you may need to do.

The lists below give you a quick guideline of things to check on a daily, weekly, and?monthly?basis:


    • Respond to inbound messages:?Social media is quickly becoming a popular place that customers (or potential customers) go to get their questions answered. Ignoring these people is just as bad as?not answering your phone.


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    • Schedule your?social media?posts: You should pre-schedule your social media posts using a tool like Buffer. Follow these guidelines for each network:
    • Post 3 or more times per day on Twitter


    • Post 2x per day on Facebook


    • Post 1x per day on LinkedIn


    • Post 1 to 2 times per day on Instagram


    • Post 5 or more times per day on Pinterest


  • Post 2 or more times per day on Google+

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    • Monitor your competition: Take a look at your close competitors. See what’s working or what’s not, so you can learn from them. Check out their new blog posts, Facebook posts, etc.


  • Work on a blog post: You don’t need to post a new blog post every day (though if you want to, it may not be a bad thing), but to keep yourself from going crazy, you can work on one little by little throughout the week


    • Post your blog post: Remember that blog post that you’ve been working on throughout the week? Pick a time and post it! Don’t forget to add it to your Buffer queue as well.


  • Look at your analytics: Use a tool like Buffer and Google Analytics to see what content you’ve published is the most popular with your followers. This will give you an idea of what you should post more of in the future.


  • Audit your strategy: As this can take a good amount of time, it?s recommended to do larger social media audits on a monthly basis so you don’t go completely insane. It?s similar to checking your social media analytics, but instead, you dive much deeper into your data to figure out exactly how to approach social media marketing moving forward. Social Media Examiner has a great post on conducting your own social media audit.
Stephen O'Neal

Stephen O'Neal

My name is Stephen O'Neal. I specialize in digital marketing and helping businesses step up their game online through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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