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Keyword Researcher Pro Walkthrough – A Great SEO Tool

keyword research pro screenshot

There?s a keyword tool that I?ve been using every day in my SEO work recently, and that tool is called Keyword Researcher Pro. I truly believe it’s one of the best seo tools out there.

Up till recently, I was using tools like Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro, but they both fell short in more ways than one and it wasn?t exactly what I needed. I still use Market Samurai to research the competitiveness of a keyword, but I found it to be painfully slow when researching the keywords itself.

Now, Keyword Researcher Pro?isn?t a well-known tool (yet) and is actually something that I found perusing clickbank when researching different things for new niches, but I clicked through to their website and instantly fell in love with it.

One way to do keyword research is to do an instant search in google, going down through each letter of the alphabet to find keywords that people were actually searching for. This isn?t something that I used to do often, quite honestly because it takes way too long.

Luckily, Keyword Researcher Pro solves that problem. Not just that problem, but several others as well. It actually lets me manage all of my keywords for every project, and even makes it super easy to write articles around those keywords.

So, what I wanted to do is actually go through and show you how it works in a video, which is below:

For a free trial, head to?

This was only an overview of the tool. I’ll be breaking it down and going more in-depth in the near future. Stay tuned!

Stephen O'Neal

Stephen O'Neal

My name is Stephen O'Neal. I specialize in digital marketing and helping businesses step up their game online through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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