8 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

getting traffic to your website

Getting traffic to your website can be difficult and it does take time. The first step is actually knowing the best ways to drive that website traffic. Here are 8 ways to drive traffic to your website: Create Good Content Have you ever heard the statement “Content is King”? It’s true. Without good content, you … Read more 8 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

should you buy instagram followers

I was asked this the other day and thought this was a great topic, so here we are. A friend sent me a website and said: “should I do this?”. It was a website promising 1,000 Instagram followers for $19. It promised “guaranteed results” and “premium followers”, whatever that means. Now, I’m not knocking on … Read more Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Social Media Checklist

social media checklist

If you’re managing any social media pages, there are several things that you may need to do.

The lists below give you a quick guideline of things to check on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis:


    • Respond to inbound messages: Social media is quickly becoming a popular place that customers (or potential customers) go to get their questions answered. Ignoring these people is just as bad as not answering your phone.


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