6 Reasons Your Website Isn?t Getting Traffic

So your website isn?t getting any traffic. Trust me, I understand how frustrating this can be. Lucky for you, I?m here to help you figure out why Google and other search engines seemingly hate you. You Didn?t Do the Research Whenever you start a new website or create new content, you need to conduct research. … Read more 6 Reasons Your Website Isn?t Getting Traffic

What is Social Media Marketing?

what is social media marketing

When you think of the words “social media”, you may think of sites like Facebook or Twitter. You use them to post what you had to eat for lunch or tell your “friend” happy birthday when the app tells you to. But when it comes to using social media for marketing your business, it’s a different world.

So, what is social media marketing? In short, it’s using social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to gain exposure or traffic to your website or landing page.

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What is Digital Marketing?

what is digital marketing

So you had someone come up to from one of the digital marketing companies. They asked you “Do you have someone doing your digital marketing?” You?stare at them for a few seconds before saying “yes” just to get them to leave, but you really have no idea what it is.

So, lets go over what digital marketing is, and why you should be using it!

First and most importantly, what the heck is this foreign word? Well,?Digital Marketing is the process of building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities to generate sales and/or capture customers that are searching on the internet for answers.

Translation: It helps you get found online.

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